Commercial Real Estate

David Cofrin

David Cofrin

Partner David Cofrin has practiced for over 25 years representing sellers, buyers, investors, developers, private lenders and borrowers in a large variety of real estate transactions, financings and workouts. With deals of any size, it is our goal to manage and minimize risk on behalf of our clients while insuring, to the extent possible, the transaction moves forward and closes.

Areas of Significant Experience

Sellers/Purchasers: Lamar, Archer & Cofrin represents institutional, corporate and individual sellers and purchasers in all phases from the listing agreement, entity formation and contract through due diligence and closing.

Investors: The firm represents individuals, families and entrepreneurs reviewing prospective investments and assisting as needed with organization, due diligence, environmental issues and locating sources of capital.

Financing: We have represented private lenders in making secured and unsecured loans and borrowers working with capital market, bank, pension fund and private lenders in loan transactions of all sizes.

Current Practice

Despite the economic downturn and the dearth of liquidity on both the debt and equity side of real estate, Lamar, Archer & Cofrin continues to represent clients in all areas of its traditional practice. Augmenting its practice, Lamar Archer and Cofrin also helps:

  1. Limited partners, both foreign and domestic, wrestling with issues of capital calls, maintenance of limited liability and communication with other partners.
  2. Real estate owners of all types seeking recapitalizations, deleveraging, refinancing, sales and purchases.
  3. Individuals and limited liability companies looking for triple net income property acquisitions as a way to enhance returns for cash investments.
  4. Workouts for individual guarantors, passive investors and principals.


Lamar, Archer & Cofrin is ready, willing and able to offer advice, counsel and expertise for clients who believe every market condition contains areas of opportunity for those with the vision and energy to seize them.